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Mix Bar 04/02 - The ayes have it.

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We discussed the short story "The Eyes Have It" by Philip. K. Dick which everybody had read.

I found it fairly humourous and very silly, it made me smile. But when someone pointed out the traumatic psychology of Mr Dick, I could see a darker side between the lines. The sentence "I lay back in my chair gasping in horror. My wife and children regarded me in wonder" takes on a another tinge when you are aware of his mental health.

He writes so well though, not many authors could have got away with such a ridiculous premise.

The story deals with the readers interpretation of a trash romance novel he picked up on a bus. This led onto discussing the Mills and Boon genre of popular trash romance literature and its modern mutated incarnation "50 shades of Grey". The film is forthcoming, with lot's of hype . . . . . . and no previews. Hmm . . . they don't want the critics to see it . . . I wonder why. The book is tripe, I've read better pornography. The fact that it was ever published at all says a lot about how the internet is changing our world.

Next week we will talk about the story "How the Whale Got its Throat" from Rudyard Kipling's "Just so Stories". TEXT HERE. Some good vocabulary in that one. Read it and come along.

EDIT - Nothing much to do with this story but . . . . . . . . .

[Idiom Definitions for 'The ayes have it'  - If the ayes have it, those who voted in favour of something have won. Aye meaning "Yes"]


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