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Get up and speak english!

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Nonostante le mie grandi difficoltà (perché il mio livello è molto basso), sono riuscito a seguire il corso senza troppi problemi, le lezioni sono leggere e divertenti. Sono riuscito a sbloccarmi e ha parlare in pubblico e ho imparato cose nuove come ad esempio alcuni modi di dire e la pronuncia corretta di molte parole. Il  Professor Cristopher mi ha dato una buona iniezione di motivazione per proseguire lo studio e mi ha consigliato alcune tecniche per esercitarmi a casa per migliorare sempre più il mio inglese. 


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Thank you Gabryel

I was very impressed by your language abilities. Keep at it. Well done.

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Here I am, writing in English about my English experience with Christopher. It has been a few months and I have really enjoyed it. Lots of knowledge and well developed sessions talking about films, songs, news, politics, teaching issues and so on, and working on vocabulary, understanding and oral skills.

It was something new for me to start watching the series 'Game of Thrones'. It was not the type of film I liked more, but Christopher conveyed his passion to me and I have ended up watching all the episodes produced so far. Talking about the plots provides a meaningful context to use the language and to improve fluency and pronunciation.

In the same way, listening to the English spoken in the modern version of Sherlock Holmes and doing different exercises about the conversations held in the film has helped me to get more familiar with the speed, the entonation and other aspects of the language.

Thanks Christopher! I am willing to keep on learning and improving my English.

Best wishes,



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